​​Person of Interest has a brilliantly written premise which depicts a rather realistic artificial intelligence dubbed 'The Machine' that can predict crimes before they happen and as episodes go on, the show continues to deliver a beautifully written, action-filled, and emotional story line that pulls the viewer along for the thrilling ride with the characters involved. There's something truly special about a show that can pull you in for the adventure and make you feel like the character on the screen is anything but fictional. 

My name is Amanda Sweeney, I put this website together, I'm apart of the fandom that strives to save Person of Interest and give it the chance to go on teling it's story for seasons to come.  Wrapped along the pages of this website, you'll find something similar to an interface that I designed inspired by the Machine and Samaritan's UI.  In the story of Person of Interest, the machine protects, ensuring that some stories within it's world don't end too soon, but outside of the television screen and in the real world, without an intelligence to look after it, Person of Interest would be the story that ended too soon; the story that never got to fully be told.  The goal of this website is to ensure POI's story continues on until the story is naturally over.    This is a new machine.

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